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CHill Living: custom homemade art and apparel [also follow on instagram @chill_living] monumentour 7/26 !!!
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Just watch my wildest dreams come true not one of them involving


I keep getting messages asking about all this so im gonna explain it all here!

• For months it’s been known that FOB have been recording new music but they weren’t revealing anything about the new album
• Patrick said a few times on twitter that it sounds nothing like their other…


no shows

Track: Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Album: PAX AM Days


Day 74 of 365 - Fall Out Boy, “Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside”

they’ve got us surrounded, we’re in their sights
but they’re not taking us alive


So FOB is filming a roman themed music video and they need stunt men, a large intimidating guy, a pope with a limp, an innocent looking guy to cross dress as virgin Mary, a woman to play a queen, a mystery man/angel/hooded man that’s old and wise looking and random extras to be in a crowd for a song called “Centuries”


8/15 - Las Vegas, NV @ Cosmopolitan #MONUMENTOUR #summerofmusic #jager


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